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January 2022  by Greg A.


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I'm a professional land surveyor in the states of North Carolina & Virginia.

A member of the NCSS (North Carolina Society of Surveyors) & the VAS (Virginia Association of Surveyors). I've also been a member of the NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business) for nearly 25 years.

I started Armentrout Surveying & Mapping in May of 1994 with a goal to help "piece the world together one parcel or tract at a time". I've created this site to help the general public understand what goes on in the background for preparing to do a survey of their property & try to show how those boundary problems are resolved. I've also added some links to sites that are very useful to a surveyor or anyone interested in learning more about the profession of surveying.

~~~As a child I wondered, "How'd they do that?"~~~

Years ago, I watched surveyors work on the beginning of laying out Interstate 81 behind our house, (I was probably around 13 yrs. old) in doing so, I became curious about "how do these people know which way to take the road and how far to dig down to make this road work"? It really amazed me to watch the surveyors work, driving stakes into the ground then later dozers & graders came to build the road "all this from the stakes the surveyors drove into the ground."! From that time in my life, I've always been fascinated about the surveyors job. How do they go about doing this type of work and what kind of schooling do they need to do it? Not knowing that a "seed" was planted that eventually lead me to want to become one of those surveyors.

Many years passed after my experiences with the surveyors. I found that taking drafting in high school might enlighten me as to some of what went on in the laying out of the interstate. About 2 years after graduating from high school, a position was available in a local surveying company, where I learned to do drafting for survey maps. I became very curious again about "how do these people find these things out in the woods, like stones, trees, iron pipes and the like"? Then I wanted to go out on the survey crew so I could experience these things, kind of like a detective. You're searching for peoples corners like a detective searches for facts and clues in a crime.

To a surveyor, it is a feeling of great accomplishment when you find that old "lost" corner that had been forgotten by almost everyone. Not to mention, to finally create the final product, the survey plat. This is one of the most important documents (in my opinion) a person will ever have.

If you have any questions, please fell free to email me or call us. Our friendly & experienced staff will be glad to help you.

 Member of NCSS               Member of VAS   

With over 90 years of combined experience, knowledge & understanding of the different facets of the surveying profession, my company utilizes today's technology to accommodate your surveying needs......whether it's a small lot, large timber boundary or commercial development or a boundary job is too small.

Land Surveying or related seminars completed by G.B. Armentrout, PLS.

 Greg Armentrout, PLS. **
 Professional Land Surveyor

10/1995 * Land Surveying Boundary Law

11/1996 * Preparation for Boundary Litigation by the Land Surveyor

09/1997 * GPS Seminar

09/1997 * GIS Seminar

10/1998 * Evidence & Procedures in Boundary Retracement

11/1998 * N.C. Case Law of Boundaries & Surveying

12/1999 * Construction Surveying Proposing & Contracting

02/2000 * Written & Implied Easements

03/2000 * Boundary Retracement

01/2001 * GIS & GPS & their Impact on Boundary Law

01/2001 * Virginia Boundary Law & Landowner Disputes

05/2002 * George Washington – Colonial Surveyor

12/2002 * GPS & the Land Surveyor

12/2003 * Subdivision Design for Land Surveyors

09/2005 * GPS for 3rd Order Surveyors

12/2005 * Acreage Boundary Surveys

11/2006 * Boundary Retracement

11/2008 * Business Practices for the 21st Century

11/2009 * N.C. (CFS) Certified Floodplain Surveyor

10/2011 * Boundary Retracement & Legal Aspects

11/2011 * Pipeline Emergency Response & Damage Prevention Training

12/2011 * Litigating a Survey Dispute/Mock Trial

07/2012 * Best Practices in GPS Surveying

10/2012 * Floodplain Elev. Certificates & Floodplain Issues

10/2012 * Seven Deadly Sins of Surveying

12/2012 * N.C. Standards of Professional Conduct for Land Surveyors

11/2013 * ALTA Standards & Ethics in Surveying

12/2013 * Documentation: Self Defense for Professionals

12/2013 * Disputes Between Adjoining Landowners

12/2013 * Water Rights

12/2013 * Legal Descriptions

12/2013 * Rights & Responsibilities in the Lands of Others:
                  The Effect of Easements on Surveyors

04/2014 * Floodplains & FEMA/NFIP

11/2014 * Damage Prevention & Online Ticket Training – VA811

11/2014 * Modernization of the National Spatial Reference System

11/2015 * Aerial Imagery, Flood vents, Railroad Safety & Tech. of Surveying

12/2015 * Evidence, Exhibits & Testimony

06/2016 * Floodplains FEMA/NFIP

12/2017 * Seized Lands: Eminent Domain

12/2017 * Adverse Possession & Prescriptive Easements

12/30/19 * Utilities Public and Otherwise

12/30/19 * Floods Happen: Where and Why

12/30/19 * Ethical Practice in Engineering and Land Surveying

12/30/19 * Boundaries and Monuments

12/30/19 * 3D Scanning Surveys

08/2021 * Boundary Disputes between States

08/2021 * Boundary Law – Colonial States

08/2021 * Monumentation & Water Law