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Our Topcon GTS313 Electronic        *-*       Our Javad GPS base station
Total Station with a TDS Recon       *-*       'on duty' collecting data
Datacollector utilized for                 *-*        utilizing L1/L2 & Glonoss
most of our typical survey work.     *-*        for very accurate locations.
GTS313            Javad GPS Base

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If you are needing a copy of an old map, house drawings,
old newpapers, etc. We provide large document copy
services for documents ranging from 11X17 to 24X36.
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Our company provides a variety of services from small lot surveys to complete 'as built' surveys to large scale divisions. We can provide most any kind of survey that you or your company may require utilizing either our Topcon 300 series Total Station with a Recon datacollector with the latest versions of software........or our 3 Javad GPS receivers with L1/L2 & Glonoss along with the 35 watt radio link to acquire up to an 8 mile radius from our base station. [Glonoss satellite technology aids in acquiring more satellites for use in more difficult & brushy terrain than standard GPS equipment.]

A list of services that we can provide with our state of the art equipment & knowledge of our staff (not limited to the following):

Some catagories have an attached example: (requires Adobe Reader which
can be obtained here for free)

* ALTA-ACSM Land Title surveys .................Example

* Ancient Boundary Retracement

* As built surveys (physical survey)

* Boundary line disputes

* Cemetery plot locations/layout .................Example

* Construction site stake out

* Court Exhibit or Judicial survey

* Deed Composite drawings .................Example

* Elevation or Floodplain survey .................Example

* GPS Aerial control surveys

* GPS control surveys for small or large projects

* GPS/GIS mapping for towns or municipalities

* GPS Utility surveys for water, sewer or power, etc.

* GPS RTK & Static GPS session work

* Family divisions or partitions .................Example

* Small to large boundary surveys .................Example

* Subdivision of property & layout of new lots and/or roads ...Example

* Topographic survey .................Example